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The Magic of Horses

 In this group of work, I am depicting my love of horses; dreaming of, working with, and resting with them.

This show is full of passion, color, movement and reflection.

I have also had to struggle to renew my love many times when I was physically injured by a horse. I have even had my heart broken by a horse. There is much depth to the life long relationship I have shared with these complex animals.

 In the past, I have done iconic paintings using the stage lit topic of rock and roll, and another body of work on goddess mythology. Later years have been rivers.

 In this group of work, the horses are the rock stars bathed in brilliant transparent colors, glittering with interstellar stars, stones or confetti and often surrounded by water.

The works have my consistent flowing lines, reflection and sense of movement.

The Magic of Horses painting and cast bronzes