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When you commission a work art from TLGT Studios, it is the only one. Self confident businesses and individuals seeking to express themselves order sculptures, paintings, portraits, murals or gates.

Each person is treated with individual care which often includes drawings done before payment is asked for.  Concept drawings remain the property of the artist.

Tania has 35 years of experience building sculpture, painting, doing murals and portraits and making people's dream art come to life.  The artist has done 5 formal years of art training, graduating from CTS Art Program, Toronto, plus many courses on all aspects of art and creativity. She learned much from her mentor/father, renowned Ottawa sculptor Bruce Garner  (over 30 large commissions in Ottawa/Toronto) 


If you have any questions about a special something available in this online Gallery, or you would like to see and idea of your own come to life as a work of art;

please contact Tania at 780 464-0723 or use the contact us section of this site.