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 I am fascinated with rhythm, flow, and emotion. I love rivers, music, stage lighting and horses.

When I was a child, and well into my adulthood, I was enamored with the metaphoric and whimsical passages of fairy tales and fables. The Narnia books have been profound for me.

In my paintings and sculpture I strive to express my moment of inspiration.

I strive to speak of “The magic on the edge of reality”.


Garner-Tomas was raised in an artistic family. Her mother plays piano and her father was a metal sculptor who has over 30 large metal installation sculptures in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario.  Bruce Garner was mentor and inspiration for his daughter and taught her much; how to build sculpture out of metal, do large commissions, as well as her Professional Artist practice.

    Alberta has been the home of Vancouver born Tania Garner-Tomas for almost 30 years. She has a wonderful supportive husband and family who help her whenever needed.

Tania graduated from the three year fine art special course at Central Technical School, Toronto, Ontario in 1979.

    Tania has had the honor of being selected for many commissioned works and public and private collections. These include Silver Birch Lodge, Sherwood Park, The Stone Barn Society in Leduc, Enbridge storage facility, Fantasyland Hotel, Wetaskiwin General Hospital, The College of Physicians and surgeons, Hockey Moms, the County of Strathcona, and many private commissions.

    Tania enjoys teaching and has helped many students on their own journeys in fine art.


“Learning is the essence of life.

Curiosity is the essence of learning”.

“Inspiration is my addiction”